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Strong and diversified Reefer container

Our Reefer fleet consists of 20’, 40’High Cube containers which enable the transport  of goods at temperatures ranging from -25°C to +25°C. Containers reefers were designed for the shipment of perishable goods in a temperature controlled environment.

This is why we offer a strong and diversified Reefer container fleet in order to satisfy customers' expectations.

  • Container 20' Reefer

    Container 20' Reefer
    External Dimensions L 6.058 mm
    l 2.438 mm
    H 2.591 mm
    Cubic Capacity 28,2 m³
    Max. Gross Weight 30.480 kg
    Payload 27.520 kg
    Tare Weight 2.960 kg
  • Container 40' HC Reefer

    Container 40' HC Reefer
    External Dimensions L 12.192 mm
    l 2.438 mm​
    H 2.896 mm
    Cubic Capacity 67,5 m³
    Max. Gross Weight 34.000 kg
    Payload 29.460 kg
    Tare Weight 4.540 kg