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Marine containers transformed for every need

GLS S has been offering for many years the possibility to modify or transform standard shipping containers according to the needs of companies or people. We offer a wide availability of containers of all sizes thanks to our international sales network of new and used containers.
Maritime containers are very versatile structures that can be a cheaper and original solution for various uses whether industrial, commercial or private.

modified side opener 1

Our team of architects highly specialized in metal carpentry offers to our customers a complete service, from the design (also provided by the customer himself) to the delivery of the product.

GLS has been operating in Italy and in international markets in the sale, rental and intermodal transport of maritime containers for more than 30 years and during the last years we have satisfied many customers who wanted to customize or transform maritime containers of any type or size.

griglia lateraleContainer for electrical cabinet
Workshop container

Customization options

Our standard ISO shipping containers are made of welded CorTen steel elements.

You can order new or used containers with your company color or logo, with doors, fixed or tilt windows, partitions, electrical panels, switches and lighting points.

We also offer the option of climate control such as extra ventilation, insulation and air conditioning.

If you prefer a different flooring than the standard wood flooring you can opt for aluminum checkerboard plates or PVC flooring.

Container for electrical cabinet

Architecture projects and installations

Contemporary architecture applied to containers is one of the youngest and most dynamic specializations. Buildings or commercial premises composed of shipping containers have achieved great popularity because they are quick to install, practical to handle, economical and environmentally friendly.

The cost of a project depends on the customer's needs, however, for standard modifications we offer these rates:

  • painting RAL color preferred from 500€;
  • customization with company logo from 300€;
  • lighting systems from 650€.
Mobile Offices

Modified containers for every need

There are no limits to the use of modified containers. You can think of using them to create a storage space instead of leasing a warehouse. Or build a sound barrier of containers on a large construction site. Or turn a container into a fully equipped mobile workshop, or an outdoor bar/restaurant or temporary store.

Container kiosk bar-restaurant

Turnkey preparations

Whatever may be your idea or need for the use of converted containers, the team of GLS is able to help you realize it from the design phase until the transport of the product to the destination of your choice at very advantageous costs.

We also offer projects of commercial installations are bar kiosks or kitchens, workshops for racing motorcycles, temporary stores, ticket offices or local reception for companies, fairs and exhibitions.

Containers transformed for industrial purpose

The most common industrial uses of modified containers are for technical rooms for generators, electrical cabinets, cogeneration plants, shelters, warehouses. In the industrial field, containers can also be modified for liquid collection, mobile workshops or laboratories.

Technical rooms for construction sites
Storage containers
Workshop container

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