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Container 40' HC Reefer
External Dimensions L 12.192 mm
l 2.438 mm​
H 2.896 mm
Cubic Capacity 67,5 m³
Max. Gross Weight 34.000 kg
Payload 29.460 kg
Tare Weight 4.540 kg


The 40' HC reefer container, also called refrigerated container, enables the storage of goods at - 25 ° / + 25 °. It is designed for the transportation of perishable products at controlled temperatures but over the it has been used as warehouse by agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

We offer a wide range of containers 40' HC reefer both new and used immediately available for sale.


container 40 HC reefer usati lato

container 40 HC reefer interno

container 40 HC reefer usati motore

container 40 HC reefer usati porte

container 40 HC reefer usati sopra

container 40 HC reefer usati


Technical specifications 



40' HC Reefer

34,000 kg

Max. Gross Weight

Tare Weight

4,540 kg


29,460 kg

External Dimensions


12,192 mm



2,438 mm


2,896 mm

Internal Dimensions


11,583 mm



2,290 mm

Height​ 2,545 mm



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