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Container 40' HC
External Dimensions L 12.192 mm​
l 2.438 mm
H 2.896 mm
Cubic Capacity 76,4 m³
Max. Gross Weight 30480 kg
Payload 26820 kg
Tare Weight 3660 kg


A 40ft double door container has the same structural characteristic of the 40ft standard with added feature double doors at both end of the container.

The 20 ft container is mostly used for storage of goods because it is robust and easy to handle thanks to two convenient gooseneck tunnels which are located at the bottom.

We offer a wide range of containers 20' DD new immediately available for sale.



container 40 hc nuovi primo viaggio apertura1

container 40 hc nuovi primo viaggio tetto1

container 40 HC nuovo

container 40 hc nuovi primo viaggio1

container 40 hc nuovi primo viaggio lato

container 40 piedi treno


Techinical specifications 



40' HC

32500 kg

Max. Gross Weight

Tare Weight

3900 kg


28600 kg

External Dimensions


12192 mm



2438 mm


2896 mm

Internal Dimensions


12032 mm



2352 mm

Height​ 2698 mm



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