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Container 40' Open Top
External Dimensions L 12.192 mm​
l 2.438 mm
H 2.896 mm
Cubic Capacity 66,40 m³
Max. Gross Weight 32.500 kg
Payload 28.600 kg
Tare Weight 3.900 kg


The 40 feet Open Top container is an ideal equipment for over-height cargo of more than 2.54m (8'5") that must be loaded through the use of cranes. The 40 'Open Top container is supplied with a tarpaulin called"cover jolly" in order to protect the commodities loaded.

We offer a wide range of containers 40’ Opent Top immediately available for sale.


container 40 piedi open top usati telone

container 40 piedi open top retro

container 40 piedi open top sopra

container 40 piedi open top usati

container 40 piedi Open Top

container 40 piedi open top


Technical information 



40' Open Top

30,480 kg

Max. Gross Weight

Tare Weight

3,800 kg


26,680 kg

External Dimensions


12,192 mm



2,438 mm


2,591 mm

Internal Dimensions


12,032 mm



2,352 mm

Height​ 2,348 mm



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