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Container 40'
External Dimensions L 12.192 mm
l 2.438 mm
H 2.591 mm
Cubic Capacity 66,40 m³
Max. Gross Weight 32.500 kg
Payload 28.780 kg
Tare Weight 3.720 kg


The 40’ box is produced according to the best quality standards. Its structure is made of steel profiles with a thickness of 4.5 mm and with continuous wire welding. The floor is made with marine plywood and it is treated with phenolic resins, while the roof is in corrugated steel corteen.

The 40 feet box container can be used for general purposes rather than only for shipment of goods: for example it can be used as a box for electric generators technical equipment.

We offer a wide range of containers 40’ box new and used immediately available for sale.


container 40 piedi fondo

container 40 piedi box

container 40 piedi interno

container 40 piedi porte

container 40 piedi box

container 40 piedi fondo


Technical informations 




34.000 kg

Max. Gross Weight

Tare Weight

4.380 kg


29.620 kg

External Dimensions


12.192 mm



2.500 mm


2.896 mm

Internal Dimensions


12.095 mm



2.426 mm

Height​ 2.692 mm



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